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Laneville ISD School Counseling Mission

The mission of the comprehensive school counseling program at Laneville Independent School District is to provide all students with opportunities and supports needed to enhance their academic and social skills while also preparing them for college or a career.


What is a comprehensive school counseling program?

  • A comprehensive school counseling program enhances the learning process for all students by aligning academic, social, and career development standards with needs identified by student data (ASCA, 2012). 

The Role of a School Counselor

A school counselor has many roles.  The American School Counselor Association (2012) states that a counselor plays many roles including: leader, advocate, collaborator, and agent of systematic change.  In the school system, a school counselor advocates for all students through leadership and collaboration in order to make positive systematic changes that will promote student success.

My personal counseling philosophy is that all people are worthy and deserve the opportunities to be successful.  When issues arise, student's needs should be met using a strengths-based approach.  Utilizing a student's strengths, while also providing tools the student needs will allow the student to create and and work toward specific life goals.   




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